Career Readiness Program

Clyde High School's Career Readiness program began in 2016 after a 2015 law required high schools to provide a plan for college and career readiness. The program contains 3 main sections, described below:

Classroom Work

Every 9th and 11th grader is enrolled in a 9 week Career Readiness class. Students begin by practicing basic employability skills such as resume writing and job interviewing. Students are also encouraged to explore their interests and aptitudes and then research career opportunities that closely match those choices. This course works to better inform and educate the students on opportunities and choices available to them beyond high school and to better prepare them for entry into the workforce.

Job Shadowing

The Career Readiness program stretches farther than the conventional school setting. All juniors are encouraged to job shadow, and over 300 arrangements are made every year in every career imaginable. Students are able to experience actual professional environments and return to school the next day with a greater understanding of what the real working world is like.

Senior Internship

The senior internship portion of the program allows senior students to work or volunteer in their career area of interest during the school day on a regular basis. These entry level experiences result in a win-win for the student and the business because the students often wish to continue their experience as full or part time employees with the company after graduation.

Collectively, all of these features of Clyde High School's Career Readiness program serve to create a unique and personalized experience for the students. The program has also strengthened relations between the school system and area employers.

Essentially, we all want students to be successful for their own personal satisfaction and for the economic health of our community.

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